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Side Wall Discs

Old car tyres after 30+ years are dirty / green, retain water, protrude wires, are labour intensive and make for a filthy job.

Side wall discs are far more presentable as they are clean, dry, all the same size, easy to handle, easily stacked, cheap and effective. They can be stacked on pallets or handled with pallet forks / bale spikes.

Discs cost a fraction of the price of rubber silage cover mats and can be stored clean and dry ready to use and taking up very little space.

Widely used for many years in America, France, Canada, Denmark, Germany and Scandinavia. Discs are cut to a high standard, rapidly gaining popularity and becoming available in the UK.

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Old car tyres on silage pits no longer have a place on the modern dairy farm – side wall discs are:







Same size

Free Of Wires

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